Dreams and


January-March 2022

In North Carolina's poorest community resides its richest basketball. Kinston High School basketball coach Perry Tyndall rejected documentary requests by Netflix and others but allowed us to spend a season behind the scenes with his program for a multi-part written and video series examining the challenges kids face to survive when basketball may be their only way out.


Series Content

Written pieces are behind a hard paywall. A PDF example of Part 1 can be found here.


Part 1

Inside NC’s poorest community lies its richest basketball where nightmares fight dreams

Part 2

It started as a basketball game. It ended as a reminder of what Kinston is up against.

Part 3

As teens are gunned down in Kinston, can basketball’s refuge prevent another victim?

Part 4

On the banks of the Neuse River, basketball is the escape many teens turn to in order to keep away from gangs and violence. Eventually, their playing careers end.