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Larry Eustachy

February 2017

In December 2016, I was contacted by a source who claimed to have evidence that Colorado State University covered up abuse allegations against its men's basketball coach Larry Eustachy. I was able to obtain a sealed 90-page document that verified these claims, as well as independently verify what was in the document with those who alleged wrongdoing by Eustachy.

Larry Eustachy Investigation: Image

CSU: Larry Eustachy intimidated, emotionally abused players

CSU men’s basketball coach Larry Eustachy created a culture of fear and intimidation and emotionally abused his players, newly obtained records from a 2013-14 university investigation show.

One high-ranking university official recommended Eustachy's contract be terminated.

In a summary of the investigation, Eustachy acknowledged he has told his assistant coaches to “shut the f--- up” and called players “f----g c--ts.” He also said he “crossed the line” and later said he went “way over the line” when questioned about whether the atmosphere in his program was one of fear and intimidation.

The CSU investigation included interviews with 14 players and basketball and athletic department staff members, according to documents provided by a source to the Coloradoan. The Coloradoan independently verified facts contained in the documentation.

Larry Eustachy Investigation: Text

Uncovering Hidden Documents

We published to the public two letters from CSU's investigation into Larry Eustachy during the 2013-14 season. Several former student-athletes are named in the 90-page document. The focus of the investigation was Eustachy’s job performance and the two documents linked below provide a summary of the investigation’s findings and directives for Eustachy.

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Larry Eustachy Investigation: Image
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