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Basketball High

February 2022

Eight of North Carolina’s 20 best players in the class of 2022 — and seven from the class of 2023 — have left their traditional public and private schools to enroll in alternative institutions that make basketball the focus over education. They offer longer seasons, more travel and better competition. But there's a risk.


Project Highlights

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Main Story

NC athletes are leaving home for pop-up schools that focus on basketball over academics


Mikey Williams may be the best basketball recruit in NC but UNC, Duke won’t bite. Why?

In Print

What the design, illustrations and layout looked like in print.

Pop-Up Schools

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An interactive map to show where pop-up basketball schools are located throughout North Carolina.


Cross-Country Movement

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An interactive map that shows the traditional schools North Carolina high school basketball players have left (orange) and the basketball academies they enrolled in (green).