VIDEO: Sold-out Hughes Stadium time lapse

The Colorado State football team had its second consecutive sellout Saturday when hosting rival Wyoming in the Border War. Knowing this, I decided to setup a camera at the top of Hughes Stadium looking east toward the student section and parking lot. From 1-9 p.m. (give or take a few minutes), a photo was taken every 30 seconds. My favorite part is seeing how well the aperture automatically adjusted itself for the night shots (obviously, the stadium lights helped, too).

For lengthy time-lapse videos, I prefer not to use the GoPro Hero3 because of its limited battery life. Instead, I used a Stealth Cam Skout, which is meant primarily as a hunting and game camera, working off infrared, but does have quality time-lapse capabilities once you figure out the settings.

Unfortunately, while mounted on the TV deck atop the stadium, the camera was clearly bumped twice, so it finishes with a tilt, but overall, I feel this worked well.