Beginning my journey into GoPro photography

We have a GoPro Hero3 Black and Hero 4 Silver at the office. They’re fun to play around with to capture unique videos, but outside of that, they don’t get much use.

Generally, when I think of “GoPro,” I think of video work, not so much still photography, but after seeing an amazing photo captured by the Boulder Daily Camera at the CAPER and CPA awards in February, it started to change my mind about this tiny camera. Granted, I have a long way to go before capturing anything as amazing as the pilot photo the Camera shot, but I thought I’d start giving things a try to see how they go.

I went to Rocky Mountain National Park (one hour west of For Collins) two weeks ago and then to the Pawnee National Grassland (~1.75 hours east of Fort Collins) on Sunday with friends and coworkers to take some nice hikes and capture the scenery. Check it out.

Note that I’ve lowered the quality on some images to better utilize them on web.