LeBron James hits Dwyane Wade video is a Facebook virus

As entertained as many of you would be to see LeBron James punch Dwayne Wade in the face in a leaked locker room video from the NBA Finals, it didn’t happen (at least, there’s no real evidence).

Beware of this “video” (which doesn’t really exist) going around Facebook. It’s most likely in your news feed right now, taking you to a static page meant to imitate your Facebook UI and get you to click on what looks like a Vimeo video player to share it. However, if you do click that video (which will automatically share it to your feed), it takes you to a scam survey.

Screen shot of a Facebook friend's share.

Screen shot of a Facebook friend’s share.

I’m not aware of this being a virus that will automatically send out updates and messages on your behalf, but if you have shared it already, it’s better to be safe and change your password (which almost always fixes any Facebook or Twitter viruses your account might be infected with).

If you really do want to see these two NBA stars duke it out, a Shaq Fu reboot has been green-lit on Kickstarter; maybe suggest to the creators to add members of the Miami Heat. Mario Chalmers vs. Chris “Birdman” Andersen? I’d pay to see that.